The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose on Friday, wrapping an eighth consecutive winning session and registering its best week of 2024…. Investor enthusiasm was kept in check after consumer sentiment data released Friday morning showed a big uptick in inflation expectations. The preliminary May reading for the University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index came in at 67.4, far below a Dow Jones estimate of 76 and marking its lowest reading in about six months. The data could indicate that “inflation is not moving in the right direction either,” said Brian Nick, senior investment strategist at the Macro Institute. “You get hit from both sides — people think things are worse than the economy and they’re going to stay worse, and they’re worried about inflation. And that’s not a happy formula for stocks or bonds.”

—Pia Singh and Sarah Min, “Dow Jumps More than 100 Points to Post 8th Winning Day and Best Week of 2024,”, May 10, 2024.

It was another positive week for most global stock indices, reaffirming our labeling that the lows of April 17-19 were primary cycle troughs. However, only a few indices made new all-time highs, and more will have to follow soon, or the dominance of the 4-year cycle could send equity markets spiraling downward as we are now well into the time band when it is due.

In Asia and the Pacific Rim, China and Hong Kong indices were the leaders, with strong rallies to multi-month highs. Japan’s Nikkei and the Australian ASX had modest rallies but remain well short of their recent all-time highs. In India, the NIFTY actually fell after posting an all-time high the previous week.

Europe was very strong for equities as the Netherlands AEX, German DAX, and London FTSE all posted new all-time highs on Friday. The Zurich SMI also rallied smartly but closed the week a little shy of its all-time high.

In the U.S., all three major indices enjoyed rallies last week, but each also fell short of taking out their all-time highs recorded on March 21 in the DJIA and NASDAQ and April 1 in the S&P. With Uranus being highlighted for the next two weeks and these indices near their all-time highs, it would not be a surprise to see them notch new records shortly. Uranus (the disruptor) has a knack for breaking through long-standing boundaries like support and resistance.

Gold and Silver also rallied smartly last week. In the case of Gold, prices rose from a low of 2285 one week ago on May 3 to 2385 on Friday. The recent all-time high was 2448.80 on April 12, the same day Silver made its yearly high of 29.91. On Friday, May 10, Silver got back to 29.00. Both metals are within striking distance of their recent highs as Uranus comes into the cosmic mix again. Crude Oil and Bitcoin are still struggling to get some traction off of their recent lows and may be more vulnerable to new lows this year if they cannot find a bottom or secondary bottom this week.

Short-Term Geocosmics

 This is a big period for geocosmic activity related to reversals or breakouts in financial markets. Both the Sun and Venus will conjoin Jupiter and Uranus from May 13 to 23. This is important to students of financial astrology because it represents the first “translation” of the important 14-year Jupiter/Uranus conjunction that took place on April 20-21, a synodic cycle that we highlighted in our Forecast 2024 book and webinar as likely coinciding with new all-time highs this year for stocks, Gold, and Bitcoin. The highs occurred in March and April followed by a corrective decline into the conjunction.

A “translation” occurs when a faster-moving planet aspects two slower-moving planets still in the orb of their aspect. Sometimes, the “translation” event is more spectacular in financial markets than the longer-term planetary aspect date itself. Will this “translation” result in another re-test of those lows (secondary lows) or a breakout to new all-time highs? Or something totally different and surprising? We must also remember that hard aspects involving Uranus are often present during natural or human-induced calamities (tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, electrical blackouts, terrorism, etc.). They can also be present when impressive discoveries, inventions, and/or technological innovations are launched, even in the case of space travel. At its best, it is inspirational to see what humankind is capable of creating when it is positive and potentially uplifts the collective spirit. This might coincide with a new effort toward world peace that garners sudden support.

 I will say this: I was in Miami for the last month and went clubbing with my wife Antonia (she likes to dance) at the Boho Club about a week ago. It was amazing—and inspirational. There, I witnessed people of all colors and nationalities dancing and laughing and enjoying partying with one another. There was no separation of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Jews, Arabs, Latinos, Cubans, Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X’s, Y’s, Z’s, and whatever other alphabets society assigns to people today. Everyone—and there were hundreds—danced with one another as if in a moveable and rhythmic group hug. I was inspired. When I witness this kind of spirit, I have hope for humanity. I believe this is what most people really want in life—just to enjoy one another without all the labels and identity politics of politicians and news stories with biased opinions that divide us into camps that fight each other.

Everyone should move to Miami and experience cultures blending together, dancing and laughing, as it was meant to be. Maybe the aftereffects of Jupiter/Uranus are working in ways that we (as astrologers) hoped would be possible. The themes I experienced in Miami are certainly consistent with the best qualities of both planets.

 Longer-Term Geocosmic Thoughts on the History of Jupiter and Uranus

 The 14-year Jupiter/Uranus conjunction has now passed as of April 20-21, with various stock indices having made new all-time highs within one month of the event. It happened in March for the DJIA and NASDAQ and in April for the S&P. Is that it? Will the U.S. and other global stock indices now start a new bear market? Not necessarily, according to our research studies published in The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Volume 2: Geocosmic Correlations to Investment Cycles. This study involved the past 11 cases regarding the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction going back to 1872 through 2010 and concluded:

“Despite the seemingly low C/S values, this was still a very significant aspect. In six cases (55%), the DJIA soared to new all-time highs close to the time this conjunction was unfolding. In ten cases (91%), the market made a significant crest — always in the same month or within 7 months after the aspect (and usually 4 months or less). This implies that if the market is rising into the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, it will not top out before the aspect unfolds — and usually a little afterwards. On the other hand, if the market was declining into this aspect, it would complete its bottom within 1 month and then make a very powerful reversal back upwards. If a long-term cycle has bottomed within a year before, be long going into (and maybe slightly beyond), especially if the market is breaking to new record highs.”

Note: This summation was actually written in this volume’s first edition published in 1999.

The U. S. stock market did complete a 50-week cycle trough in late October 2023, within one year of the April 20-21, 2024, aspect. According to this history, another new all-time high will likely form within the next seven months, and probably within four months following the aspect (that is, by August 2024). This is just about a perfect correlation to classical astrology principles regarding aspects. That is, Jupiter is the planet of “good fortune” and is in favorable aspects to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto from April 20 through June 2. But in mid-August, it switches to a square aspect with Saturn, the planet associated with fear and loss when in a hard aspect. We will need to watch closely for changes in investor sentiment around that time and prepare an investment plan accordingly.

We will discuss that strategy more fully in next week’s MMA Mid-Year Financial Markets Investment Webinar on May 18. It might be a good idea to attend this event if you have substantial long-term stock positions. It’s not just the astrological signatures indicating a challenging period ahead, but the 4-year and 50-week cycles are converging then as well. Enjoy this upswing while it lasts. But have a plan in place as Jupiter morphs from sextiles and trines into a square with Saturn in mid-August, and Mars becomes a translation trigger at the same time.


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