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 Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell suggested the run-up in long-term Treasury yields could allow the central bank to suspend a historic run of interest-rate increases so long as recent progress on inflation continues. That is in part because the swift rise in long-term rates over the past month could slow the economy, effectively substituting for another Fed hike if higher borrowing costs are sustained. – Nick Timiraos, “Jerome Powell Signals Fed Will Extend Interest-Rate Pause,” Wall Street Journal, October 19, 2023.

The most-actively traded gold futures contract jumped 1.2% Friday to cross $2,000 a troy ounce for the first time since late July. The war between Hamas and Israel has made haven-asset gold, which is prized for its stability during times of market turmoil, more popular. The yellow metal has rallied about 8% since the conflict began. – Hardika Singh, “Gold Prices Top $2,000 For the First Time Since July,” Wall Street Journal Online, October 20, 2023.

Jupiter, the planet of optimism and good times, has been in the sign of Taurus the bull since May 16, 2023. However, world stock indices have been anything but optimistic or bullish since Venus, the ruler of Taurus, went retrograde in late July.

There are two points to make here. First, Venus retrograde or direct is often the high or low of the year in world stock markets. This year fits that correspondence once again as Venus turned retrograde on July 22, the high for this year was on July 19 in the NASDAQ, and August 1 for the DJIA. Venus then turned direct on September 3, and the secondary high (and crest of the current primary cycle) in U.S. stocks was on September 1. Second, the majority of stock market cycles since the 1890s with Jupiter in Taurus have more frequently exhibited bearish trends, not bullish. Maybe Taurus‘ mascot should change from a bull to a bear before the cosmic compliance office accuses market watchers of willful misinformation. In many of these cases, the stock market remained bearish until Jupiter reached Leo, +/- one sign, which will be in effect June 2025-August 2028. We will share this information in greater detail in this year’s Forecast 2024 Book, which is being written now and expected to be completed by November 21, then printed and released on December 15, as always. It’s another action thriller.

For the week, the pattern was once again similar in most global stock markets. That is, most made a major cycle low October 4-6, then a major cycle crest October 11-13, and then fell hard to end last week on October 20. The pattern of lower highs and lower troughs of the same cycle type continues, too, which is a classic definition (for us) of a bearish trend.

In Asia and the Pacific Rim, the only variance to this pattern was in China, where the Shanghai Composite plunged to its lowest level since a long-term cycle began at the low of October 31, 2022. It’s bad all over the world, but worse in China and Switzerland.

In Europe, the pattern was also the same, except declines below the lows of October 4 were notched in the German DAX and Zurich SMI. The DAX fell to 14,798 on Friday, its lowest level since the primary bottom of March. It was even more depressing in Switzerland, where the SMI just collapsed back to its lows of last October, suggesting a 4-year or greater cycle crest is in. The worry is that China and Switzerland may be leading the world stock markets lower.

In the Americas, there was no variance. All major indices we track made lows on October 4, rallied into October 11-13 and ended last week challenging their lows of two weeks ago.

One point of interest is that stocks and metals had been moving together for several weeks. In our recent interviews, it was pointed out that they could very well decouple when Mars moved into Scorpio, which is exactly what has been happening since October 13. That is, stocks have reversed down, and Gold has accelerated sharply higher. In fact, December Gold reached a new 3-month high on Friday at 2009. Silver also did well, surging to a high of 23.88. Two weeks earlier, Gold was trading at 1823 and Silver at 20.85.

This is the pattern we expected in our special Gold report that was issued on October 4, right as Silver bottomed and just two days before the lows in Gold. As an analyst and trader, I know you are only as good as your last call. Right now, I am good. In fact, I am very good because the options we recommended on Gold futures in that special update have appreciated several times over their entry point. You only get 2-3 opportunities per year like this in each market. These are the trades we live for, although the circumstances that led to these trading successes are far from something to celebrate.

In other markets, Crude Oil tested the $90.00 mark when, just two weeks ago, it was trading at 81.50. Bitcoin soared above $30,000 again, its highest mark since late July.


 “This conflict right now could end right this second if Hamas were to put down its weapons, and there would be peace. If the Jews put down their weapons, there would be no more Jews in the Middle East.” – James Kirchick, guest on the “Real Time with Bill Maher” show last week, HBO.

War continues to rear its ugly head with the most depraved behavior exhibited by humans against one another as earth barrels ahead to the most dangerous aspects of the year in October and November.

The Sun approaching Mars in Scorpio, while near the same time being in opposition to both Jupiter and Uranus and headed to a square of Saturn (now through November 25, and especially November 11-25), is an aspect consistent with conflict and threats of war. It is naïve to not think the world could be on the verge of war as Pluto is moving back and forth into Aquarius (2023-2025), Neptune approaching its entrance into Aries (2024-2025), and Uranus heading towards Gemini (2025) when the last time each of these ingresses happened singly coincided with the three greatest wars in American history (Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War II).

This is a war cycle, but as with all cycles – rhythmic or planetary –the previous outcomes need not repeat if world leaders (and their adversaries) simply make different decisions regarding the advent of similar themes. But to do that, they would have to change their beliefs that place more importance on diversity and division (of thought and race) than upon unity and those matters that bind us together as human beings and part of the greater human race. We talk about doing this and then fight over it with threats to wipe out a whole swatch of humanity to attain unity. This is symbolic of one possible manifestation of the Sun/Mars in opposition to Jupiter and Uranus. And as long as it manifests in this form, Gold, Crude Oil, and Uranium can continue to appreciate in value while investors in equities stand aside until some sort of normalcy returns. They may have to wait awhile.

Shorter-term, the Sun will enter Scorpio on October 22, the same day Venus will make a favorable trine with Jupiter. This is followed by another trine, this time involving the Sun and Saturn, on October 24. These signatures may provide some short-term relief from the horrors and brutality of the past two weeks. But right afterwards, on October 28, Mars will start a series of new hard aspects, first with its opposition to Jupiter. These continue through November 25, a period which finds six Level 1 signatures unfolding (Level 1 signatures have the highest correlation to primary cycles in stock indices, +/- 10 trading days). This means geopolitical tensions that result in sharp swings in several financial markets. On a personal level, it means many people will tend to behave erratically and possibly be given to rash and disruptive actions. It is a time when one is advised to take the time to think things out clearly before overreacting with rage, for the consequences may be hard to undo.

Q & A With Ray

 We are going to add this new feature to our weekly column. We often get questions from those just entering markets who want to know how to use our reports effectively. Many don’t understand futures or how to convert our futures recommendations for certain stocks and ETFs. So, we will field one question every week in which we have time to answer.

This week’s question comes from subscriber Ingrid, who asks: “I would like to set the selling point correct instead of waiting and watch when in GC1! the point is hit. In this case, it is 2000 in GC1!. What is the reference point? Where is the corresponding line in the G2X chart? Just simple things like which chart do you have to look at if I want to understand and follow you. I had to find out “simple” things, like finding out the ticker for gold is GC1! Just to give you an idea.”

 A: There is no simple rule to calculate the corresponding price of a stock or ETF to a futures contract, mainly because futures trade 23 hours/day and ETFs and stocks only about seven hours. In many cases, our price target in futures is hit outside of those seven hours in which the stock or ETF trades. And in the case of Gold, the only ETF that tracks Gold is GLD, whereas other ETFs track gold mining stocks. The problem there is that the miners will usually move in the direction of Gold, but if it conflicts with the direction of stocks, it is pulled in opposite directions. Last week, Gold soared, and stocks fell, and the miner’s stocks went back and forth.

The data (prices) we use for calculating Gold futures prices comes from It provides data on the 23-hour Globex. We prefer the settlement that happens after the 5 PM Globex close, compared to the COMEX, which reports settlement about 3 hours earlier. The symbols given on are the ones most market software programs provide and are different than those given on I hope this helps.

Please don’t hesitate to ask other questions as long as they don’t involve things like: “What will the market do next week?” That’s what we cover in our subscription reports for subscribers 😊. But questions about how to use our reports are always welcomed. Have a great week ahead!



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