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FORECAST 2020 eBOOK PDF will be made available under My Account> Downloads. 

Full Description

Title: Forecast 2020
Author: Raymond Merriman
Format: PDF, ePub, and Mobi files
Print Length: TBA
Dimensions: 11″x 8.5″
Print Date: December 2019
Description: FORECAST 2020 eBOOK PDF will be made available under My Account> Downloads. 
What will be covered in Forecast 2020:
  • The Global Reset Continues
    • Continued pressure for major structural reform in world politics and central banking
    • Potential for next financial crisis between 2020-2023
    • Continued pressure for radical reform of the Federal Reserve Board; conflict between the U.S. central bank and its government
  • The Year of “The Capricorn Stellium”
    • Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto conjoining one another in 2020, as each transit through Capricorn, indicating a significant shift and the start of new era in world leadership
  • The Jupiter Saturn “Great Mutation”: The start of a new era
    • The emergence of a new world leader related to the 20-, 200-, and 800-year cycle of Jupiter conjunct Saturn, as it moves from earth signs to air signs
  • The United States of America in 2020
    • The USA and its president in 2020. Increasing concerns regarding the political stability of the President of the United States
    • The 2020 Presidential Election- and overview of potential candidates
  • Financial Markets in 2020, including:
    • The US Stock Market
    • T-Notes and Interest Rates
    • Gold and Silver
    • Currency Markets
    • Weather Patterns
    • Grain Markets
    • Crude Oil
  • Forecasts for the year for each sign
  • Favorable and Challenging times in 2020
    • Mercury Retrograde periods
    • Venus Retrograde period
    • Mars Retrograde period