Forecast 2021


What will be covered in Forecast 2021: The New Era begins, Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus, Super Charged Degrees and Pandemics, The United States of America, Financial Markets in 2021, including The US Stock Market, T-Notes and Interest Rates, Gold and Silver, Currency Markets, Weather Patterns, Grain Markets, and Crude Oil, Critical Reversal Dates for 2021

Full Description

Title: Forecast 2021
Author: Raymond Merriman
Format: Paperback, PDF, ePub, and Mobi files
Print Length: 207 pages
Dimensions: 11″x 8.5″
Print Date: December 2020
Description: Forecast 2021 eBook  will be made available in PDF Format under My Account> Downloads. Forecast 2021 Print Book will be sent via USPS Priority mail. Forecast Bundle includes both Print and eBook.
What will be covered in Forecast 2021:
  • The New Era begins
    • The Great Mutation of Jupiter and Saturn begins in Aquarius
  • Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus
    • Civil unrest
    • Urge for freedom, independence and equality for all
    • Banking disruptions
    • Currency disruptions, including Bitcoin
  • Super Charged Degrees and Pandemics
    • Coronavirus and other possible epidemics
  • The United States of America
    • The USA President
    • The Federal Reserve Board
  • Financial Markets in 2021, including:
    • The US Stock Market
    • T-Notes and Interest Rates
    • Gold and Silver
    • Currency Markets
    • Weather Patterns
    • Grain Markets
    • Crude Oil
  • Critical Reversal Dates for 2021
  • Favorable and Challenging times in 2020
    • Mercury Retrograde periods
  • Special trends and possible events in each seasons
  • 2021 Geocosmic Ephemeris and Astro Calendar Guide