Forecast 2024 Audiobook


Forecast 2024 Audiobook

Geocosmic cycles don’t just affect individuals, they also affect nations, and their politics and stock markets. And that means, understanding these cycles is the first step towards taking control of your wealth.

That’s why I create my annual Forecast books each year. I want to give individual investors just like you a chance to see for yourself how geocosmic cycles will affect our world in the months to come. These are the same kinds of insights I’ve used to time the markets and build my own portfolio for over 30 years.

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Forecast 2024 Audiobook- MP4 Format – Abridged Version

Title: Forecast 2024 Audiobook
Author: Raymond Merriman
Format: MP4 Accessible via My Account with PDF Charts
Release Date: December 2023
Description: Forecast 2024 Audiobook is available in MP4 Format with corresponding PDF Charts under My Account> Audiobooks.

Forecast 2024 Audiobook

In this year’s Forecast Audiobook, you’ll discover:

• The importance of the approaching Aries Vortex, 2025-2026 as the center of the “New Aira” 2020-2032
• The importance of Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus for the first time since 1941 and what it portends for world stock indices.
• The importance of the mutable waxing square of Jupiter and Saturn within the context of world finances and politics.
• A preview of the 2024 U.S. presidential election and its cyclical correspondence to the economy and U.S. stock market

What will be covered in Forecast 2024 Audiobook:
  • The 12-year “Renaissance” versus “War cycle”
  • The United States of America
    • The USA President
    • The Federal Reserve Board and Interest Rate Policies
  •  Critical Reversal Dates for 2024
  •  Favorable and Challenging times in 2024
    • Mercury Retrograde periods
    • Mars retrograde

The Forecast 2024 Audiobook will include all chapters for the Forecast 2024 Book  except the financial markets and the calendar/ephemeris pages in the back of the annual book. The abridged edition will include the first nine chapters on the Mundane Astrological outlook for the year (and the next eight years) based on the long-term planetary cycles and their historical themes over the past several centuries.