Professional Solar Return Report Writer


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Professional Solar Return Report Writer

Author: Raymond Merriman

Format: Download  (Please allow 48 hours for software download to be available after order is placed.)

This is a stand-alone, windows-based, report writer.  It requires no other astrological program to run.  After inputting natal birth data, simply indicate the solar return year and location, and the program prints out the 40-60 page report.  The Solar Return Report Writer is based on specialized forecasting techniques developed by Raymond Merriman, and provides a comprehensive overview of what conditions to expect for the year – and exactly when.  Interpretation features include: Planets conjunct house cusps, Planets in aspect to solar return horizon; same to meridian, Planets in houses that aspect the ruler of the house, Relationship of natal Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter to their solar return positions, Progressed solar return moon – aspects and solstice point aspects during the year to natal and solar return planets (gives dates and meanings), Transit of “Sun through solar return chart” (gives dates and meanings), “One-Degree-Per Day” angular progressions – the 76 dates these progressed angles conjunct a natal or solar return planet, and what it means that day.