Investors have been preparing for the Federal Reserve to start hiking interest rates. They also know the central bank is cutting the amount of bonds it buys each month. On top of that, they figured, eventually, the tapering would lead to a reduction in the nearly $9 trillion in assets the Fed is holding. What they didn’t expect were all three things happening at the same time. While the moves are designed to fight inflation and as the jobs market heals, the jolt of a Fed triple threat of tightening sent the market into a tailspin Wednesday. – Jeff Cox, “The Federal Reserve is Scaring Markets with the Triple Threat of Policy Tightening,”, January 6, 2022.

The U.S. economy added far fewer jobs than expected in December. Nonfarm payrolls grew by 199,000, while the unemployment rate fell to 3.9%, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. That compared to the Dow Jones estimate of 422,000 for the payrolls number and 4.1% for the unemployment rate. The numbers come at a crossroads for the U.S. economy as more than half a million Covid cases per day, many related to the omicron variant, threaten to stall an economic recovery that looks to accelerate in 2022. – Jeff Cox, “Hiring falters in December as payrolls rise only 199,000,”, January 7, 2022.

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South Africa has lifted a midnight to 4 a.m. curfew on people’s movement with immediate effect, believing the country has passed the peak of its fourth COVID-19 wave driven by the omicron variant, a government statement said on Thursday. “All indicators suggest the country may have passed the peak of the fourth wave at a national level,” a statement from the special cabinet meeting held earlier on Thursday said. – “South Africa Lifts Curfew, Says Omicron Wave Has Peaked,” Reuters, December 31, 2021

It was a good closing week on a good year for world equity markets.

After falling to multi-week lows on December 20, the first trading day after the very important Venus retrograde of December 19, the “Santa Claus,” “End-of-the-Year” rally finally kicked in. In some cases, like the U.S. and Switzerland, stock indices posted new all-time highs. In the United Kingdom, the FTSE soared to its highest level since the March 2020 pandemic crash. In most others, it was a secondary rally that fell short of making a new all-time high.

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Annual Forecast Pre-Order Event


Our Annual Forecast Pre-Order Event will run from August 16- October 31. During this time, clients are able to pre-order Forecast 2022 at the discounted price of $45. Along with the purchase of Forecast 2022, clients may also save 10% on any subscription ($275+) with the purchase of the Forecast Book by using code SALE2022 at check out. Forecast 2022 will be available as both a print and eBook and will be released in mid-December.

If this is your first Forecast season with us, welcome! If you have been ordering the Forecast Book for years, welcome back and thank you for your continued support. This is our favorite, and most busy, time of year. As we do every year, please start this Forecast season by reading our Forecast 2021 Scorecard to see how we did last year.  We will continue to update the scorecard throughout 2021.

As we introduced last year, one of the sections that will not be included in this year’s annual Forecast Book will be the ~35 page section on individual Sun Signs. We are publishing an individual book dedicated to the yearly trends for the twelve individual signs. The book, Trends for the Twelve Signs 2022, will be written by Antonia Langsdorf-Merriman and Raymond Merriman. Antonia has written an annual Sun Sign book in German for the past several years, based on interviews conducted with Raymond beforehand. We will follow that same format for Trends for the Twelve Signs 2022, where Antonia will interview Raymond on the career, health, and relationship outlook of each sun sign for the year ahead.

We do offer discounts to our Forecast Fan Club members and our Active Subscriber Club members. Check out our page on Forecast Club Levels to learn more about these discounts. We are always available to answer any of your Forecast questions via email at We created a list of our most common FAQs to help Forecast season.

We are looking forward to another exciting Forecast season together!




Forecast FAQs

Forecast FAQ

Our Annual Forecast Pre-Order Event ran from August 16- October 31 2021. Our Forecast Books will be mailed out around December 15, 2021. We cannot guarantee domestic or international orders will be received by Christmas or Hanukkah. We created a list below of our most common FAQs to help this Forecast season. We are always available to answer any of your Forecast questions via email at


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Forecast Club Levels

Every August MMA runs our annual Forecast Pre-Order Event. If this is your first Forecast season with us, welcome! If you have been ordering the Forecast Book for years, welcome back and thank you for your continued support. This is our favorite, and most busy, time of year.

Everyone is invited to be part of our special event where you can pre-order the Forecast Book at a discounted price through the end of October AND save 10% on MMA subscription reports. If you have ordered Forecast in the past, then you will be sent a coupon code on August 16th to save an additional $5 on Forecast 2022. If you are an active subscriber, then you will be sent a coupon code on August 16th to save an additional $10 on Forecast 2022. Being a member of the MMA Fan Club (past purchaser of Forecast Book) or a member of the MMA Active Subscriber Club (current subscriber to paid reports) have additional benefits listed below.

To learn more about our annual event, please check out our Annual Forecast Pre-Order Event Page and Forecast FAQ Page which hosts a wealth of information. You may also send us email to with any questions you have. Visit our Forecast 2022 Page on August 16th to pre-order Forecast 2022.

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Forecast 2021 Scorecard- As of July 21, 2021

Every year gets better and better with our forecasts. Although 2021 is not yet over, several forecasts made in the 2021 book have already unfolded. We will list a few of the forecasts below as of July 21. Keep in mind these forecasts were written in October-November 2020, and published December 2020, well before 2021 got underway.

ECONOMIC AND MARKET FORECASTS FOR 2021 (made prior to December 1, 2020)The U.S. Stock Market and DJIA: “… There are reasons to support a continuation of the bull market off the lows of March 2020… The next sign of potential trouble for the bull market in the U.S. stock market will happen if and when the DJIA takes out support at 25,000–26,000. Until then, our advice for investors is to stay with bullish strategies. That is, buy corrective declines (even if sharp) into the 50-week and 16.5-month cycle lows due in 2021. But as long as the DJIA does not fall below 25,000–26,000, it is probably a buying opportunity.” The DJIA never traded that low. Instead, it continued to rally and as of this writing, it has made a new all-time high 35,631 as of August 16, just four days before the August 20 critical reversal date listed in the book. The S&P and NASDAQ have continued making new all-time highs on September 3 and 7 respective, right on the September 3-6 critical reversal date listed.

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MMTA2 Course 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Primary and Trading Cycles in Financial Markets: June 19 – July 31



JUNE 18 – JULY 31

This is the most important course on market timing for traders offered by MMA. We begin on June 18, 2021 and have opened 10 spots for this course only.

The MMA methodology of financial market timing utilizes several studies to determine an optimal time band for a major market reversal. But the one tool that provides that “extra edge” that all traders seek is Geocosmic Studies.

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Special Raymond Merriman Interview on December 21, 2020

Enclosed is link to an interview Raymond Merriman gave on the John Arc Show last month, December 21, 2020.

It is on YouTube at:

He asked some interesting questions Raymond has thought further on some of the questions which we will enclose here.

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MMA Free Weekly Forecast: September 21, 2020


Global equity markets slid further on Thursday after the US Federal Reserve stopped short of promising changes to its massive bond-buying program… Investors were left uneasy even after the Fed on Wednesday signaled it would hold US interest rates at historic low levels until at least the end of 2023 – Adam Samson and Camilla Hodgson, “Global Equities Slip After Federal Reserve Comes Up Short on QE Plans,” Financial Times, September 17, 2020.

Fighting against the Fed has not been a winning strategy since the pandemic market bottom in late March. But when the Fed announced last week that it will leave rates unchanged, around zero percent, through 2023, world equity markets did not cheer. Has the Fed run out of weapons to stimulate the stock market, especially heading into the U.S. Election? Or is this just Mars retrograde in its ruling sign of Aries doing what it normally does when it goes retrograde in its ruling sign, which is to shift from robust aggression and confidence to fears of undesirable consequences from having been too aggressive and confident. Under Mars retrograde, the aggressor is usually the loser. It’s going to remain that way with the heavens until November 13. Don’t start something if you have doubts it will succeed.

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MMA Free Weekly Forecast: September 14, 2020


Now, however, analysts expect more stimulus before the end of the year. “If inflation remains very low, the ECB may decide in December to extend its crisis-response asset purchase program,” Florian Hense, eurozone economist said. – Silvia Amara, “Shocker Eurozone Data Raises Question About What the ECB Will Do Next,”, September 1, 2020.

The race may soon be back on to see who can provide the cheapest world currency, as getting inflation to rise remains an elusive goal. No one wants deflation, and even with interest rates hovering around zero, inflation also continues to remain below the goal of 2%. Now, this is becoming a growing concern for world equity markets, which have started a noticeable decline over the past week. This decline fits well with our market timing studies, as several world indices made new cycle highs within two days of our geocosmic critical reversal date on September 4.

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