This week, it (the Fed) pivoted. “You’re getting now back to the point where both mandates (Inflation and employment) are important,” Fed Chair Jerome Powell told reporters Wednesday after the central bank’s meeting. This pivot means the Fed is ready to backstop the economic recovery. It doesn’t rule out a recession, but makes one much less likely. Greg Ip, “Pivot Shows Central Bank’s New Focus,” Wall Street Journal, December 14, 2023.

Mercury turns retrograde, and everyone pivots, even the Fed. But this pivot to a more accommodative tone is just setting up the conditions for 1) a better housing market, with lower rates, going into the election, and 2) another round of inflation afterwards, just as discussed in last week’s column.

In the week that witnessed a New Moon in Sagittarius (Tuesday), Mercury retrograde (Wednesday), and Mercury in the process of moving back and forth in a favorable trine aspect with Jupiter (December 7-18), stock markets around the world soared. Several markets are now up double digits from their lows of late October, which was down double digits from the prior yearly highs of July 18-August 1 when Venus turned retrograde. This also fits the Sun/Mars conjunction pattern outlined in this column for September-November.

In Asia and the Pacific Rim, India’s NIFTY index ended the week with another new all-time high and is now up 14% from its low on October 26. Australia’s ASX also surged close to its yearly high made in February and is now up 10% from its low of October 30. Japan’s Nikkei and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng indices rallied late in the week off lows earlier in the week. In the case of Hong Kong, its low on December 11 was its lowest mark in over a year. China’s Shanghai Composite is also near its yearly low, in contrast to the rest of the world’s rising indices. Something’s not working with the economy in China, and that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the world, which needs China’s economy to be stronger for global growth next year.

Except for the London FTSE, all major indices that we track in Europe did extremely well last week. The German DAX, however, was the only index making a new all-time high. The Netherlands AEX is drawing close, and both the AEX and DAX are up 12.1 and 15.2%, respectively, from their lows in late October. The Zurich SMI index made a 6-month high and is now up 10.6% from October 23. The FTSE is only up 6% during the same time.

In the Americas, all indices made new yearly highs, but only the DJIA made a new all-time high. The DJIA and S&P are now up 15% or more since their lows of late October. Brazil’s Bovespa is also within striking distance of its all-time high as of last week. Thus, we have a case where one market in each region made a new all-time high, but none of the others have done the same yet. Is this going to be a case of intermarket bearish divergence going into the end of the year?


 “Time is absolute” – Sir Issac Newton.

“Time is relative.”-  Albert Einstein.

“Time was invented by clock companies to sell more clocks.” – Karl Marx.

 Mercury began its retrograde cycle (aka “the Trickster”) on December 13, which will last through January 2. This cosmic roadrunner is known for erratic and sudden changes of market direction in short spans of time (usually 1-4 days), and often distorts cycle periods, chart patterns, technical indicators, and will often even affect other geocosmic as well as solar/lunar signatures in ways contrary to historical trends related to those signatures. It is the reason why we avoid initiating new position trades during Mercury retrograde. We do, however, initiate plenty of very short-term trades for aggressive traders.

We are currently in the midst of four geocosmic signatures between December 6-21 that also have historically high correlations to sudden and sharp reversals within four trading days. But Mercury retrograde can sometimes stymie those behaviors. If there is no major or greater cycle reversal within four trading days of Mercury turning retrograde (December 13), then instead of reversing, the current trend will usually continue into the midpoint of the Trickster’s cycle, which will be December 23, which is a weekend. The point is that one should be prepared for a sharp reversal now, before December 20. If not, then anticipate the reversal within two trading days of December 23. They follow back-to-back with one another, so basically, the market could be choppy until the very end of this month.

Besides Mercury retrograde, the Sun will also form a closing square to Neptune on Sunday, December 17 and Venus will be in opposition to Uranus on December 21. Both are important reversal signatures. The first pertains to Crude Oil. Given that Neptune just turned direct on December 6, Crude Oil may have recently formed an important cycle low on December 13, right in between the two strong Neptune signatures (as it should). The second one, Venus opposition Uranus, is important to interest rate sensitive markets such as Treasuries and Currencies. It also has a strong correspondence to reversals in the stock market, but requires an orb of up to 10 trading days, although usually it commences within only four trading days.

The Venus/Uranus opposition may also apply to the unexpectedly dovish announcements by the Fed last week and possibly to re-considered opinions of that announcement this week (perhaps a pivot on the pivot, which would be characteristic for the Trickster). Nevertheless, markets are vulnerable now to sudden but brief and sharp changes this week unless the combination of Mercury retrograde and the approaching holiday season results in subdued volume and market volatility, or if the Venus/Uranus opposition is instead going to correlate with an escalation of the upside breakout in stocks to more new all-time highs by year-end. Normally that would not be the case with the combination of Mercury retrograde and these aspects in effect through December 21. But a continuation of the rally to new highs can’t be ruled out either because Jupiter will be highlighted in the last week of the year. It will be in a trine aspect to the Sun on December 27, then turn stationary direct on December 31. That is generally a hopeful signature for the future. People tend to be optimistic then, so shorting the market before the end of the month should be approached with much caution. It may be wiser to watch for sharp 1-4 day declines as buying opportunities.


 The House voted Wednesday to condemn the testimony of the three university presidents (Harvard, MIT, and University of Pennsylvania) whose comments on campus antisemitism last week sparked calls for their resignation. The testimony exacerbated tensions over the Israel-Hamas war on college campuses and was widely condemned by university donors, politicians and Jewish advocacy groups. Demands for the university presidents to resign escalated. Suryatapa Bhattacharya, “House Condemns Campus Antisemitism Testimony of Penn, Harvard, MIT Presidents,” Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2023.

 How can anyone have been shocked at the antisemitic marches at universities across the country the past two months? What happened was the ugly culmination of decades of institutionalized cowardice. For those three university presidents testifying before Congress about “context” in the calm tones of a graduate seminar, the anti-Jewish protests were simply another occasion to look the other way. An opportunity is at hand to reorient U.S. colleges away from terminal loopiness and back to learning. Daniel Henninger. ”University President Flunk Out,” Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2023.

 We seldom talk about declinations, which are the alignment of planets in the skies horizontally. They are measured by the planet’s distance above or below the celestial equator. Contra-parallels are planets equidistant above or below (north or south) of the celestial equator. They are considered similar in influence as a conjunction, which is the vertical alignment of planets to one another in the heavens.

Our friend Richard Hardy (recording musician formerly with the Carol King band, and also an excellent astrologer) reminds us that Jupiter and Saturn are in contra-parallel with one another November 26-December 4 and again December 11-19. In the study of astrology, Jupiter rules higher education. Saturn rules authority, government, and restrictions.

It is interesting to note that this is playing out in last week’s condemnation (Saturn) of three Ivy League presidents (Saturn) who testified before Congress regarding the issue of antisemitism taking place on their campuses (Jupiter). It may continue this year as Pluto transits over the super-charged 0 degrees of Aquarius, where the Jupiter/Saturn 20-year synodic cycle commenced on December 21, 2020, ushering in the “New Aira.” This is covered in great detail in the newly released Forecast 2024 Book (it just came out).



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