“A whole new industry is being formed, and that’s driving our growth,” he [Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang] said on the company’s earnings call. On Wednesday, Nvidia reported quarterly sales of $22.1 billion and forecasted another $24 billion for its current quarter, each more than triple what was posted a year earlier and ahead of Wall Street’s bullish expectations. Asa Fitch, “Nvidia Hits $2 Trillion Valuation on Insatiable AI Chip Demand,” Wall Street Journal, February 23, 2024.

It was a very stunning week for global stock markets as the powerful conjunction between Venus, Mars, and Pluto (February 13-22) ended with the Venus/Mars conjunction on Thursday, February 22. The day before, the tech-heavy NASDAQ index had just put in its lowest price in three weeks, and it looked like many global indices were in the midst of their sharpest decline of this new year. But then Nvidia announced earnings to the upside that surprised everyone. By Friday, all major U.S. indices were making new all-time highs. Such is the correspondence of geocosmics to market reversals.

This is all a prelude to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of April 21 that was the crux of our trading strategies given in last weekend’s webinar, suggesting the potential for explosive and huge rallies to new all-time highs in many markets. It doesn’t mean there will be no corrective declines to buy into before then, for the primary cycles in many markets are getting quite mature. But it does illustrate the appetite for risk that many traders and stock market players are willing to take on any decline as we head into this 14-year planetary cycle that has a rather high correlation to explosive rallies. Jupiter exaggerates, and Uranus is the disrupter that breaks boundaries such as yearly support (lows) and/or resistance (highs). The combination can be wildly bullish or bearish, depending on whether it is support or resistance almost begging to be violated.

In addition to the major U.S. indices, all-time highs were also posted in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, and India. In China, the Shanghai Composite continued its torrid 14% rally to over 3000, even though just a few trading sessions ago, it had slumped to the lowest price in five years, and was trading at 2635. The whole world is infused with the excitement of Jupiter approaching its union with Uranus following the mating dance of the lovers (Venus and Mars) last Thursday. Spring is in the air.

Speaking of lovers, Gold had a decent week, continuing its rally off its multi-week low on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Silver, however, proved why it is Gold’s less fortunate sister as it bucked Gold’s trend and declined all week. It is better for the outlook of precious metals if Gold is rising rather than Silver. Silver will catch up. But if Silver is leading, Gold will usually resist being the follower.

Bitcoin saw a new yearly high of 52,989 attained on February 20, but then it stalled and drifted back to the 50,000 area on Friday. Ethereum made a new yearly high on Thursday but also gave back some on Friday. Crude Oil continued its inconsistency. On Thursday, it rallied to 78.92, close to its cycle high of 79.29 recorded on January 29. But by Friday, it fell over $2.00/barrel. It needs to make a new cycle high to confirm it is a bullish cycle. Can it do that? Yes, it’s still possible as we head into Jupiter conjunct Uranus, Jupiter is a co-ruler of Crude Oil.


 The ECB published an anti-Bitcoin blog, describing it as having “zero intrinsic value.” This is true, but perhaps not the point. Gen Z, with no prospect of buying a house, may abandon low-risk investing in favor of gambling. That would explain crypto, NFTs, and meme stocks. The question is what happens if housing becomes affordable again.“ Dr. Paul Donovan, “Reasons to Rush Rate Cuts,” UBS Insights, Morning Audio Comment, February 23, 2024.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” we are often reminded by people who like to quote George Santayana. The truth is that those who never learned history are prey to all sorts of mad ideas that serve someone else’s political agenda. Usually, that agenda involves forfeiting one’s independent judgment. Peter W. Wood, “History, From Ukraine to Utah,” Wall Street Journal, February 23, 2024.

“Don’t dig up the past! Dwell on the past and you’ll lose an eye. Forget the past and you’ll lose both eyes.” Natan Sharansky quote from Gary Saul Marson, “Dissident Wisdom From Alexei Navalny and Natan Sharansky,” Wall Street Journal, February 23, 2024.

 The Mars/Venus/Pluto conjunction of February 13-22 had a sordid correlation last week to the disturbing death (murder?) of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny. Each of these planets has recently left Capricorn (the past) and crossed over the supercharged degree of 0° Aquarius (the future). This was outlined in our annual Forecast 2024 webinar last week, as we explained how Pluto moving over the first degree of Aquarius can be turbulent, violent, and coercive. It is a step in the challenging process by which Pluto in Aquarius finds the courage and resistance to oppose this type of bullying behavior in its pathway to greater freedom and independence. In other words, we are now in a cycle of violence, destruction, and war now (along with innovation and invention), and it might last until the Aries Vortex of 2025-2027 finally reaches its nadir. This, too, was covered at length in the webinar and will be discussed more fully in my next presentation on that unique cosmic pattern on March 9 (see Events below).

In terms of the stock market and geocosmic signatures, we continue to plow through many reversal signatures into March 9. This week, on February 28, we find the stellium of the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn all conjoining in 9° Pisces, just one day after a powerful Mars (combative or pioneering) transits into square aspect to Jupiter. Perhaps there will be some new scientific breakthrough announced, or a delay in a much-needed rescue mission for people who are suffering (Saturn and the other planets in Pisces). Mars and Jupiter in a square aspect can also suggest extreme anger being displayed, so hold back any temptation to start a war, personally or collectively. This is not a signature of good judgement. It can indicate errors and misjudgment due to overconfidence and arrogance.

Market-wise, Saturn’s presence this week can portend yet another pullback or stalled rally. Once it passes, however, another rally can commence, and that rally will become another major concern because this primary cycle is getting so mature (old). The older it gets, the more vulnerable it is to a steeper pullback. “old,” in market cycles, can be defined as 18-23 weeks. It is also an interval that is known as “exhaustion.” It is highly unusual to see markets make new cycle highs in weeks 18-23, and when they do happen, sharp declines usually follow. Thus, we cannot rule out another strong reversal zone this week or next (and ideally March 3-9) +/- 3 trading days, when Jupiter semi-squares Neptune (irrational exuberance or panic), which takes place between Mars and Venus squaring Uranus (dramatic price moves).

So, as the next two weeks signify the possibility of “irrational exuberance” and also the potential for a “mini-panic,” it will be necessary to manage your risk and not fall to the temptation of abandoning your trading plan, which is precisely what Jupiter and Neptune in conflict tend to do. This is not the best of times to go rogue on discipline protocol. To do so may result in financial loss or social embarrassment. Truth is in short supply in the days of heavy propaganda and misdirection (Saturn in Pisces), so just remember to at least be true to your (higher) self. That truth will always serve one well in life.


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