Bad news about the labor market is good news for stocks today. All three major U.S. indexes climbed Friday, helping them to their best weeks of the year. One reason: The latest jobs report showed hiring slowed. The U.S. added 150,000 jobs in October, below economists’ projections, while the unemployment rate was slightly higher than expected. That’s a sign that the economy is cooling. For investors, that suggests the Fed might stop raising interest rates. Bond yields tumbled after the report. – Anna Hirtenstein and Hannah Miao, ”U.S. Indexes Log Best Week of 2023 After Jobs Report,” Wall Street Journal Online, November 3, 2023.

The Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged on Wednesday. The decision marked the second consecutive meeting at which the Fed left rates unchanged after a long campaign of increases. – David Marino-Nachison, “Fed Keeps Rates Unchanged,” Wall Street Journal November 1, 2023.

 So, the Fed kept interest rates unchanged. This is not a surprise to readers of this column, which stated several months ago that rates would likely stabilize with Jupiter in Taurus, May 2023-May 2024. Now, the Street is catching up to what geocosmics indicated would be the case six months ago. But then again, that is the purpose of cycle and geocosmic studies. These are tools that act as leading indicators in financial markets as well as economic, banking, and political trends.

With the Fed basically saying that it has no plans to raise rates for now, global stock markets celebrated. In the U.S., equity indices had their best week of the year, with the DJIA rising 1643 points. The S&P December futures contract was up 242 points. The strength of this rally suggests that the low of one week ago, October 27-30 (MMA CRD – critical reversal zone), was the start of a new cycle greater than the primary cycle, at least in the DJIA. In terms of geocosmics, this also reflects the powerful oppositions to Jupiter from both the Sun and Mars last week, plus Venus trine Uranus. Each of these aspects unfolded from October 28-November 3. Whenever Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are highlighted in the same week, big moves can suddenly erupt in stock indices. Last week was an example. We will discuss what this means in this week’s MMA Weekly Report and Tuesday’s release of the monthly MMA Cycles Report for subscribers.

In other markets, Bitcoin and Ethereum had sharp rallies into Thursday, November 2. In the case of Bitcoin, it was at its highest level since May 2022. Gold and Silver went basically sideways in a narrow range, reflecting their recent rallies. Crude Oil, however, fell on Friday to 80.10, its lowest level in two months. It looks weak, but with both the Sun and Mars in opposition to Jupiter and Jupiter co-ruling Crude Oil, it may be due for a reversal here.




 “Defund the police were the three dumbest words ever uttered by the Democratic Party.” Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Real Time with Bill Maher TV show, HBO, October 27, 2023.

Trump’s Agenda: If elected in 2024, this is what the GOP presidential front-runner has pledged to do. Law Enforcement: Defund the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department. – Andrew Restuccia and Jess Bravin, “Trump Campaigns on Sweeping Plans to Reshape Federal Government,” Wall Street Journal, October 30, 2023.

As discussed last week, “… the cosmos is just beginning its most intense and dangerous campaigns this week and lasting through November 25.” The main celestial engine of this danger to global security is the Sun/Mars conjunction in Scorpio on November 18. Mars represents the path of the warrior and those who engage in war games. With the Sun, the warrior wants to win and is driven to be the victor in any contest. In a nation’s chart, Mars represents the warrior class or, in today’s modern age, a nation’s military. This particular Sun/Mars conjunction is more potent than usual because as it approaches, these two bodies will oppose Jupiter and Uranus from October 28 through November 13. Then, as they separate from one another, they will square Saturn, November 23-25. In the midst of this cycle of danger and conflict, the issue of safety escalates. In an election year, as in the United States in 2024, this can quickly become a top priority, even more important to voters than the economy.

In the United States, the issue of both local and national security is likely to be very pronounced. First, we note that in March 2024, the Lunar North Node will conjoin Chiron, the “wounded healer” in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, the warrior. This also conjoins the U.S. natal and progressed Chiron. As if that were not enough, these conjunctions are in opposition to progressed Mars retrograde, debilitated in Libra. The U.S. is concerned about safety. Yet both the political parties and/or their leaders are taking stands to defund the country’s major law and order agencies. There is a disconnect here that threatens the very safety that the electorate is likely to consider a top priority.

These aspects also have a strong correlation to the stock market. For instance, the Chiron/North Node is a 14-year cycle, +/- 2 years. Their conjunction will happen next on March 5, 2024. The last time they conjoined was July 27, 2008, in the heart of the Great Recession. They also conjoined on October 23, 1929, shortly after the stock market made its all-time high and then began its worst collapse in history as the Great Depression got underway. In fact, in six of the last eleven instances of Chiron and the North Node conjoining, the U.S. has been in a recession. There was another case, and there were two recessions that happened  – one within a year before and another within a year after (1921 and 1923).

Shorter-term, both the Sun/Jupiter opposition of November 3 and the Sun/Mars conjunction of November 18 have unusually high correlations to stock market cycles that are greater than primary types. In fact, this column has alerted readers that an 8% or greater decline would likely happen when the Sun/Mars conjunction was within an orb of 8°. This has now happened in many global indices with the lows of October 23-30. When the Sun entered Scorpio on October 23, Mars was sitting at 8° Scorpio. From its yearly high of 35,670 on August 1, the DJIA had dropped 9.4% to its low of October 27.

With so many hard aspects in effect October 28-November 25 that involve the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, this is not a “safe” time in terms of personal or national security. It is also not a time when markets are likely to trade smoothly in one direction. The Sun/Jupiter opposition of Friday, November 3, and Saturn turning direct on Saturday, November 4, are both powerful Level 1 geocosmic signatures (the most consistent correlates to primary or greater cycles in U.S. stocks) at which reversals often occur. Also important will be the period of November 11-20 when the Sun and Mars will be in opposition to Uranus and also forming a T-square with the Mercury/Pluto square in the chart of the New York Stock Exchange (founded on May 17, 1792).

The wars of the world are not over yet. And neither is the likelihood of sharp price movements in financial markets, including global stock markets.

Q & A With Ray

 This week’s question comes from subscriber Ray T, who writes, “Hello, for the monthly cycle reports, I am having trouble understanding what the best or intended trading method to use with these reports to be most successful is. Options, Futures, or Stocks? Thanks.”

Answer: Futures, if you trade them, as that is what most of our price levels are based on, with the exception of cash markets like the DJIA and some of the currency markets we cover. If you don’t trade futures, then stocks and ETFs will do, but you will have to adjust prices to conform with those of the futures contracts. Options are only advisable when we expect a big move, such as following a primary cycle low or high, each of which happens 2-3 times per year in most markets. We had one, for instance, with the low on October 6 in Gold, in which we advised subscribers to consider outright call options or bull spreads, which has worked out very well. To learn more about how and when to use options when applying MMA market timing methods, consider the special webinar we will be offering on December 10 with MMTA student and veteran options trader Derek Panaia. Derek is an excellent trader. Click here for more information. Thank you for your question, and I hope this answer addresses it!



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