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NOTE: U.S. markets are closed this Monday, September 4, in observance of the Labor Day holiday.


 Hiring cooled this summer and unemployment rose in August, signs the labor market is moderating in the face of high interest rates. U.S. employers added 187,000 jobs last month, while payrolls in June and July were revised down a combined 110,000. The monthly gain in August was well less than the average pace over the prior year, and far below the roughly 400,000 average monthly gain in 2022. The unemployment rate was 3.8% last month, up from 3.5% in July. Gwynn Guilford, ”Job Gains Eased in Summer Months, Unemployment Increased in August,” Wall Street Journal, September 1, 2023.

Imagine the planets as ships at sea. Imagine their movement through the heavens, as seen from earth (geocentric), as waves on the sea. There are eight planets in our solar system, as seen from Earth (not counting the Earth). At various times, each planet will appear to be going backwards through the heavens, which is known as its retrograde cycle. Six of the planets go retrograde at least once during the year. Venus and Mars will do so once every 19 or 26 months, respectively, while Mercury will go retrograde every 88 days or 3-4 times/year. It is not uncommon to see 1-3 planets retrograde at one time. Four is not too unusual. Five or more is considered a lot. Between August 28 through September 3, six planets will be retrograde. On September 3, Venus will turn direct, dropping it back to five. However, the next day, September 4, Jupiter will turn retrograde, making it six planets retrograde once again until September 15, when Mercury turns direct.


Now think of retrograde planets as increasing the size, rhythm, and direction of the waves. This becomes especially turbulent when several planets change direction in a short span of time. It’s like different waves coming from new directions with varying intensity very quickly. The result is choppiness. Sometimes, the ship is lifted very high; other times, it falls precipitously downward. The ship must constantly adjust its course to avoid being overwhelmed by the changing size and direction of the waves.

Now, imagine that financial markets are like ships at sea. When so many planets are retrograde, markets become very choppy, and traders have to constantly adjust their outlooks on new waves (information, data, changes of policy) coming at them in order to stay afloat. This is the imagery of the financial markets in the past week and probably until September 15, when so many planets are retrograde and changing directions. You can navigate – trade – but you need to be constantly alert to sudden changes in the waves that can affect the stability of your position. It is one reason why we do not advise initiating new position trades unless you are able to be extremely attentive and stand the turbulence.

The imagery of a ship being tossed back and forth in turbulent waters was most noticeable in Bitcoin last week. It made what appeared to be a primary cycle trough at 25,350 on August 23 when Mercury (the Trickster) turned retrograde. Last week, it soared to a high of 28,142 on August 28 as Uranus turned retrograde, its highest price in 12 days. By Friday, September 1, it fell to 25,269, a new 11-week low slightly below the low of August 23. Then, it abruptly reversed again. This is classic Trickster performance in front of its higher and even more volatile octave Uranus, which was also turning retrograde. A sharp rally and apparent reversal, followed by a sudden fake out and turn down. The turbulence in Bitcoin may not be over yet, but the fact that it is giving bullish triggers (even if fake-outs) this late in its primary cycle could be a positive sign. We will discuss further in this week’s weekly subscription reports with our outlook and strategies for next week.

With global stock markets, the turbulence was more of a strong updraft wave, lifting all markets upwards from their lows of August 18-25, which fits the reversal nature of all these powerful geocosmic signatures in effect then and even through September 8. We expected a primary cycle bottom at that time and/or a secondary low 4-9 days later, and we got both right into our August 25-28 three-star CRD (critical reversal date). The outlook on stock markets is clearer now, especially as Mars has also now entered Libra  (August 27-October 11). Again, I will cover that in this weekend’s subscription reports.

Gold and Silver also enjoyed nice rallies last week. But whether they are the start of a new primary cycle or just a healthy correction in a bearish primary cycle is still debatable. Crude Oil, on the other hand, appears to be resuming its bullish trend, as discussed in the August 20 webinar for Chinese traders, which also covered their stock and currency markets, plus Bitcoin, U.S. stocks, and precious metals.


 Tolstoy’s Napoleon is a puffed up poseur, not so much confident and bold as “intoxicated by the crimes he has committed so successfully.” “Only what took place within his own mind interested him. Nothing outside himself had any significance for him, because everything in the world, it seemed to him, depended entirely on his will.” When you allow a past work of art to enter your mind and imagination you are embarked on a kind of reclamation project, a rescue mission. As you read, Nicholas and Sonya are alive, but Tolstoy himself is still alive. He isn’t gone, his mind is still producing, he continues in human consciousness. You are continuing something. – Peggy Noonan, “My Summer with Leo Tolstoy,” Wall Street Journal, September 2, 2023.

Former Wyoming GOP Sen. Alan Simpson used to call Republicans “the stupid party.” But Sen. Simpson wasn’t done. Democrats, he said, were “the evil party.” Which would you rather be right now, the stupid party or the evil party? My money says the evil party will find a way out of the Biden-Trump dilemma. Put it this way: The party that nominates someone other than these two will win the decisive votes of independents, and the election. Once Democrats conclude the Republican Party has arrived at a point of no return on a Trump candidacy, it will be time for another Clyburn moment. – Daniel Henninger, “The Stupid Party Versus the Evil Party: One of the Two Parties Has No Intention of Losing: Guess Which One?” Wall Street Journal, September 1, 2023.

“Never mind. Gods play tricks on us, if there are gods. Gods or no gods, do not matter. That is what makes life what it is. Perhaps I will win, perhaps not. Karma. In this life, in this world of tears, you need a sense of humor, no?” James Clavell, “Gai-Jin,” Delacorte Press, June 1993.

These are complicated times, reflected by the complex planetary arrangements currently underway. Jupiter and Uranus are within orb of conjunction in Taurus, and stock markets are rising. But Uranus just turned retrograde, and Jupiter will do the same on Monday. Together, they make a wide grand trine to Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo, but both of them are also now retrograde (and Sunday-Monday is also the day that Venus turns direct and Mercury is at the midpoint of its retrograde cycle). A grand trine in earth signs is symbolic of wealth or the potential to earn it. But retrogrades can also indicate turning away from the opportunity to advance in a material sense and choose another path as a maverick.

As investors look at the landscape of financial market opportunities today, they see a myriad of positives, but they can also see how things can turn terribly downward too. Inflation is coming down. But is the downturn really going to last? Or is the quest (greed) by companies to make greater profits through inflation going to bankrupt the common person? On a political level, most people in the U.S. want someone other than Trump or Biden to be the next president. But will the political parties allow anyone else to run as their candidates besides these two? It’s complicated. Perhaps it is stupid. Perhaps it is evil. Perhaps we just need to see it as entertainment, to find humor in it, and have faith that it is all karma and part of a divine plan that will somehow work itself out. You may need a strong Neptune or Pisces placement in your chart to do that.

In the immediate future, we note that Mars is now in Libra, usually a time for stock markets to rally. But after that, Mars ingresses into Scorpio from October 12-November 24. In Scorpio, Mars will be conjoined by the Sun on November 18. Several years ago, I did a study on 10% or greater moves in the DJIA in an effort to find out which of the faster-moving transits are most often present. With an orb of 8 degrees, it was the Sun/Mars conjunction. This one will be especially pronounced because, during this 8-degree range, the Sun/Mars conjunction will also be in opposition to both Jupiter and Uranus (early November). These are all powerful Level 1 signatures. The implication? The sharpest decline of the year in U.S. equity prices is likely into – or immediately following – this period. It will be just in time for the “Pre-Presidential Election Year Trough” that is also due September-March preceding the U.S. presidential election.

You know, life is complicated, and the heavens are complex right now. But it is exciting, especially when you have the benefit of the oldest study known to humankind available to use as a reference, as a guide, to help you through these portals of uncertainty. If historical data indicates there is a higher-than-usual probability for a steep decline approaching, you can make a plan to buy when that happens. After all, one of the greatest gifts available to us as part of the same human race is the gift of being able to plan  – even when Mercury and Uranus are turning retrograde. However, it is wise to know the difference between a plan and an expectation. Under Mercury and Uranus, you can plan, but be flexible and willing to make adjustments as needed to maximize the potential of the plan.  This is an aspect that can usher in a series of sudden inspirations. But sometimes, they come from sudden events that did not unfold quite as one expected. The plan is still good if you can use the turn as an opening for inspiration.


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