The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose on Friday, as the major averages notched a four-week winning streak. The moves come as Treasury yields this week hit multi-month lows on hope inflation is cooling and the Federal Reserve may be done raising rates. The benchmark rate was up 6 basis points at around 4.476% on Friday. – Hakyung Kim, Fred Imbert, “Dow Closes 100 Points Higher Friday as Major Averages Rise for a 4th Straight Week,”, November 24, 2023.

In the shortened holiday week, U.S. stock indices continued an impressive rally that began from their 50-week cycle low on October 27. Multi-week or multi-month highs were also notched in other world stock indices, except in Australia, the UK, and Hong Kong. Perhaps the most impressive stock market was Japan, where the Nikkei soared to its highest level since its all-time high in late 1989 and early 1990.

Bitcoin was a star again, crossing the 38,000 mark on Friday for the first time in 18 months. It then promptly gave back nearly $1000 an hour later. Gold and Silver also enjoyed healthy rallies. Silver rose to its highest mark since early September. Gold, however, was not able to make a new monthly high, creating a potential case of intermarket bearish divergence. Crude Oil had an inside week as it continues to trade near five-month lows. That may change December 6-17 when Neptune turns direct and will form a square aspect with the Sun. Neptune and Pisces co-rule Crude Oil in our work.


 An irony of any period of technological change is that economic success does not depend on technology. Economic growth depends on how the technology is used, which means that people are what matters. The mantra for corporate and economic strength in a rapidly changing world is “right person, right job, right time.” This rise in prejudice politics undermines economic growth. If the right person for a job is deemed to come from the wrong social group and denied employment, their skills are lost to the economy. That economic underperformance can, of course, fuel further prejudice and economic nationalism. – Dr. Paul Donovan, “The Threat of Prejudice Politics,” UBS Weekly, November 27, 2023.

 In case you’re worried that you are too old to pursue your dreams… Frank Lloyd Wright completed 1/3 of his life’s work between the ages of 82-90… Wright’s career spanned an impressive seven decades, a time period over which he developed his distinctive point of view and style. Wright saw architects as the poets of their time — an artistic historian of sorts. He believed in creating structures that lived in harmony with the natural world, a point of view which he called “organic architecture.” – “Forever Modern,” https//

The Sun is now in the optimistic (and sometimes overly optimistic) sign of Sagittarius as of November 22. As expected, equity prices moved higher. Mercury and Mars are also in Sagittarius, supporting the bullish influence of global and U.S. equity markets. But that will begin to shift when Mercury ingresses into the more skeptical sign of Capricorn, December 1-23. Along the way, Mercury will turn retrograde on December 13, lasting through January 1, which indicates end-of-the-year trading may be “tricky.” That’s why we call Mercury retrograde the ”trickster.” Prices will often move below support or above resistance, only to reverse right after giving a false buy or sell signal.

At the moment, the Sun and Mars in early Sagittarius are forming a square aspect to Saturn in early Pisces, November 23-25. These are moderately strong aspects, and given that the U.S. stock market typically runs up into the Thanksgiving holiday, a corrective retracement of the rally over the past four weeks would not be out of line. Plus, it is two weeks now since the Sun and Mars were in opposition to Uranus on November 11-13, which coincided with the upside breakout in U.S. equity indices on November 14. Typically, upside breakouts under a strong Uranus period will pause after 2-3 weeks.

Looking further ahead, we note a series of strong geocosmic signatures related to market reversals arriving December 6 (Neptune direct) through December 21 (Venus opposition to Uranus). This might be a most volatile time with larger than normal price swings, especially given that it will also occur nearby to Mercury turning retrograde (the “trickster”), which also tends to coincide with large price swings,

On a socio-cultural issue, the current aspects of Saturn can bring to light issues of discrimination, especially regarding age. Saturn rules both discrimination and age-related matters. In my earlier social activism days of the 1960s, we used to have a saying, “Never trust anyone over 30.” Now, the saying goes, “Never trust anyone under 30.” Both cases are a sign of age discrimination, for age – like height, skin color, and sexual gender at birth – are things that cannot be changed (although that reality may be negotiated in the latter case). To devalue someone based on any of these characteristics is discriminatory and will likely have less of a place in social-cultural mores as Pluto moves more fully into the sign of Aquarius (2023-2043) and especially when Uranus trines Pluto in air signs, 2025-2028.

For now, though, it would be wise (and healthy for society and world economies) of the world (and America) to evolve through the focus on diversity as something that separates and divides us according to age, skin color, or sexual gender, to the larger picture of unity where the focus is on deeper qualities that we share in common, unite us, and are necessary for our survival and peace. Think in terms of “diversity within unity” rather than “unity within diversity.” Or diversity as a subset of unity, rather than diversity as the “whole” and unity as a “part.” Older and younger people are subject to discrimination in the workplace (hiring), education (admissions), social groupings, etc., just because of their age, which has adverse consequences not only socially but also economically for communities and nations in the long run.

In the words of legendary baseball pitcher Satchel Page, who refused to give his age because he thought major league teams would not sign him, especially during the time that MLB was just beginning to cross its color barrier (he had to fight through two levels of discrimination), “Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter.” It is said that he pitched until he was 59 years old. If you have passion for what you do and take care of your health, there is no reason why you can’t achieve great things well into life, just as Satchel Page and Frank Lloyd Wright did.

Q & A With Ray

 Q What is your process or favoritism when charting futures? Specifically, as it relates to trendlines.

 For example, a continuous contract chart, normal or adjusted, rarely ever matches the front contracts trendlines… i.e… channels and etc. With that being said, have you found that one or the other gives more reliability over the other, over the years?   J. O., trader

 A: That’s a good point and a reason why I use “cash charts” whenever possible, such as DJIA, or Euro. Trendlines are not my most favorite charting technique for this reason on daily charts, but they still work quite well on monthly charts and often weekly charts, too.

If there are three points on a trendline and at least one contains a primary cycle (approximately 18-week cycle, low to low), I do consider it important. Otherwise, the chart patterns I prefer most for decision-making are double tops and bottoms, especially when the second low or high is accompanied by a case of bullish or bearish divergence with a related market (intermarket divergence, where one market makes a higher high or lower low and the other does not) ) or an oscillator (i.e., the price makes new low and secondary bottom but the oscillator is higher, or vice-versa for high). I also pay attention to whenever a secondary low or high forms 4-9 trading days later and doesn’t take out the previous high or low but comes close. When that’s a low, it’s also called a “Lendahl Wiggle.” These are my favorite chart setups when primary cycle lows or highs are due. But the expert on a variety of chart patterns is Gianni Di Poce, who teaches a class on that in Course 6 of the MMTA program.


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